Your New Liverto – A Daunting Experience

Min-Max your Black Desert Experience

When a new player starts the game, I always tell them to skip Yuria and go straight to Liverto. The reason for this is simple, Liverto gives 15% more accuracy than Yuria, making it comparable to +15 Yuria when it’s only +12 or so. The cost of getting Liverto +11~+13 is lower than the cost of getting +15 Ultimate Yuria, yet functions identically and have longevity.

To me, investing in a Yuria is immediately setting yourself back 25million silver, because you quickly replace it with a Liverto, which is now easily accessible. A new player could simply cash in their free leveling gold bars for a shiny Liverto, and never have to worry about changing their weapon months or even years down the track.

If this is your experience, you’re in luck. This blog post will teach you how to get to +15 Liverto in the cheapest way possible. Note:…

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